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port melbourne storage
port melbourne storage
  310 Lorimer St, Port Melbourne
Fax: 9645 3375
Email: portmelbournestorage@bigpond.com.au

Storage Services at Port Melbourne Storage

When using Port Melbourne Storage, you can be assured that your valuables are in safe hands with our high quality, effective security system.

All of our storage units are accessible only by unique PIN numbers, which only you the customer has access to meaning that no unauthorised entry to your storage unit is possible. All storage units
are electronically monitored and alarmed so any unauthorised access attempted will be detected immediately and the security staff will be informed.

• 16 x CCT Camera
• Security Keypad
• Unique PIN code


Secure Document Storage

Ideal storage for companies who require safe and secure document storage. Because the units are fire proof, vermin proof and well ventilated, they are highly suitable for long term documnet storage. An urgent document retrieval service is available.